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We have season schedules only for baseball, volleyball, softball and soccer.


Wildcats in the pros:

Baseball - Football - Golf

If you know of others, please send us the information by contacting us here. Minimum requirement is to have been drafted by or to have played with a professional team.


Wildcat State Championships:

State Championships in varsity sports


Wildcat Coaches, Past and Present:



Wildcat Coaching Honors:

Coaches who have been honored by the New Mexico High School Coaches Association as Coach of the Year or have received the Association's Hall of Honor Award:

Coach of the Year:

Speedy Faith - football - 2001-2002

Speedy Faith - football - 2004-2005

Art Karger - boys basketball - 1984-1985

Art Karger - boys basketball - 1988-1989

Otis Pruitt - golf - 1975-1976

Carol Streber - girls track - 1989-1990

Scottie Watkins - boys track - 1983-1984

Scottie Watkins - boys track - 1985-1986

Hall of Honor:

Ralph Tasker - 1991

Scottie Watkins - 1993