Honoring Those Who Serve: Friends of LHS

If you have any names to add, please email the information to us here. We need last name, first name, branch, rank and any links that you may be aware of. Changes since 1/1/18 are in bold type.
    Last Name First Name
    Branch, Rank
    Cross William "Bill" US Navy, Senior Chief
    Green Jacob US Marine Corps, Sgt
    Harrison Stephen Army National Guard, E-4, Corporal
    Henson Ben US Marine Corps, (rank unknown)
    Hudgens Michael US Army, E3
    McBride Collen US Marine Corps Rsrvs
    Partlow Jeremy US Army, E-2
    Pelstring Krysten Ellis US Navy, Lt Commander
    Waechter Jared US Army, SPC
    Brown Charlie US Army National Guard, Sgt. 1st Class
    Christmas Todd US Army, Captain, Dcd. - service related fatality
    Dimsha Albert Stanley US Air Force, (rank unknown)
    Martin Justin US Army, E-5
    Miller Greg US Army, (rank unknown)