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Honoring those who serve: former students and faculty. If you have any names to add, please email the information to us here. We need graduating class, last name, first name, branch, rank and any links that you may be aware of.

Changes since 1/1/18 are in gold bold type. Click on the following word to jump to Active or Veteran. Individuals on this list have either graduated from LHS or attended for many years. An asterisk (*) beside a person's class year denotes those individuals who either went directly into the service before graduation or may have moved away during their high school years and graduated elsewhere. We are very honored to have them listed along with their LHS graduating class.

We thank you all for your service.

Class Year Last Name First Name
Branch, Rank
Link: Your outfit, Navy Log, etc.
2012 Hayes Matthew Collin US Marine Corps, Pvt  
2009 Tramell Weston US Army, E2  
2008 Brewer Gage US Marine Corps, Corporal  
2008 Castillo Adrian US Army, PV2  
2008 Mathis Joseph "JJ" US Navy, 3rd Class Petty Officer  
2008 Newton Johnnie US Army, Pvt  
2005 Thompson Lana D. US Army, SGT  
2004 Collins Steven I. US Army National Guard, SPC  
2004 McPherson Lane US Coast Guard, Mech 3rd Cl  
2004 Rodriguez Humberto US Marine Corps, SGT  
2004 Wilmeth Eric US Army National Guard, Sgt  
2003 Esparza Noel US Army, US Army National Guard, SPC  
2002 Barbre Jacob US Navy, BM3 Petty Officer 3rd Class  
2002 Barry Shaylur US Army, Sgt  
2002 James Beau US Air Force, Major  
2001 Faith Josh US Army National Guard, SPC  
2000 Eubank Jason US Army National Guard, SPC  
2000 Morales Patrick US Army, SSG  
2000 Skinner Jeremy US Marine Corps, SSgt  
1999 Weaver Brandon US Army, (rank uknown)  
1998 Eubank Nathan US Army National Guard, SGT  
1998 Holmberg (Launer) Tammy US Army, SSG  
1998 Olivas Orlando US Army, Sergeant  
1996 Skinner Chris US Marine Corps, 2nd Lt  
1996 Williams Daniel US Army National Guard, SSG  
1995 Henson Ben "BJ" US Marine Corps, CW03  
1995 Silva Rodolfo "Rudy" US Army, US Army Rsrvs, SFC  
1994 Gruben Lance US Marine Corps, MSgt  
2009 Ellison (Saltzman) Stephanie Ann US Air Force, (rank unknown)  
2006 Smith Shane US Marine Corps, LCPL  
2004 Byrd Matthew A. US Army National Guard, Sgt  
2004 Maxie John Evan US Marine Corps, Corporal  
2004 Munoz Justin US Air Force, SSGT  
2002 Barbre Jacob US Navy, BM3  
2002 McPherson Zachary US Army, (rank unknown)  
2001 Austin Aaron (KIA, Iraq) US Marine Corps, Lance Corporal Silver Star (post.)
2001 Fisher Damon US Army, PFC  
2000 Kerby Tye US Marine Corps, Corporal  
1999 Munoz Jacob US Navy, E-4 CM3  
1998 Olivas Orlando US Army, Sergeant  
1997 Morales Mario (Dcd) US Army, SPC  
1997 Strickland Casey US Army, E-5  
1995 Hollcroft Joseph Steven US Marine Corps, Lcpl/E-3 1st Marine Div.,  H&S.      Batallion Recon Co.
1995 Young Michael US Army National Guard, Air National Guard, US Air Force Reserve (E-5) 12 yrs svc  
1993 White William "Will" US Army, Sgt  
1992 Dean Russell Lee US Navy, E-4  
1991 * Bostick Bobby US Army, MSG  
1990 Brown Ruben US Army, Sgt. 7th Light Inf. Div.
1989 Ellison (Saltzman) Stephanie US Air Force, Sgt.  
1989 Jones Richard Wayne US Army, Sergeant E-5  
1988 * Bostick Thomas G. Jr. (KIA, Afghanistan) US Army, Major Arlington Cemetery
1988 Sewell Preston US Navy, E-5  
1987 Humble Jimmy George US Navy, (rank unknown)
1986 Shaw Jeter US Army, SPC-4  
1985 Akins Benson (Dcd) US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1981 O'Neal Otis Wade (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown)  
1981 White Wesley US Navy, E-4, Petty Officer 3rd Class
1973 Miller (Grigsby) De'on US Army, SPC  
1972* Fisher Robert R.
US Army, 1st Sgt.
1972 Gilbert Callen US Marine Corps, Sgt E-5  
1972 Smith Randy UN Marine Corps, LCPL  
1971 Johnson Bobby US Navy, E-4, Petty Officer 3rd Class
1971 Long Dennis US Army National Guard, E-5  
1971 Smith Mickey US Army, E-4  
1970 Black Ronnie US Air Force, Sergeant  
1970 Burt Kenneth Lee (Dcd) US Air Force, Sgt  
1970 Coffer Paula US Navy, Petty Ofcr 3rd Class; US Army, Major  
1970 Coker C. P. US Army, Sgt  
1970 Kirkpatrick Kenny US Air Force, Sgt  
1970 McPherson Gregory US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1970 Ragsdale Jim US Marine Corps, (rank unknown)  
1969 Bailey William Wilson "Bill" (Dcd) US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1969 Beasley Byron K.
US Army, E-5
1969 Camp Jerry US Army, Spc-4  
1969 Cooper David Lee (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown)
1969 Crouch Hubert "Buddy"
US Marine Corps, Lance Corporal
1969 Demory Lloyd US Navy, E-5  
1969 Ellis Bobbie
US Army, Captain
1969 Ellis Gary US Navy, E-6, Petty Office 1st Class
1969 Fulton Judy Clydeene
US Army, E-2
1969 James Walter Richard (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown)
1969 Sheppard Dale US Army, PFC E-3  
1969 Taylor Gary "Butch"
US Army, SPC-4
1968 Baker George US Navy, (rank unknown)
1968 Bolding Randy US Army, Captain
1968 Boyd Russell A. US Army, SPC-4  
1968 Cooper Edward Laverne "Eddie" (Dcd) US Air Force, (rank unknown)
1968 Ellis Jimmy
US Navy, Captain
Navy Log
1968 Hager Harold Eugene (KIA) US Marine Corps, Lance Cpl, E-3 Vietnam Wall
1968 Harlow Jeff US Army, Captain
1968 Hoard Basil Lee (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown) 101st Airborne
1968 Jones David
US Navy, Airman
1968 McNair Darryl Glen (Dcd) US Army, Sgt  
1968 Norman Troy
Army National Guard, Staff Sgt., E-6
1968 Rackley Larry Dale (Dcd) US Marine Corps, Staff Sgt, E-6
1967 Cassselberry Bobby Ray (Dcd) US Air Force (rank unknown)  
1967 Cirillio Vicente "Junior" US Army (rank unknown)  
1967 Crow Tommy US Navy, Airman USS Saratoga
1967 Elliott Dick Lynn "Dicky" (Dcd) US Army, SP5
1967 Markley Stephen K.
US Marine Corps, Lance Corporal E-3
1967 Matlock Richard A. US Navy, E-4, Signalman 3rd Class
1967 Myers James Douglas (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown)  
1967 Navarette Jesse Army National Guard, Staff Sgt, E-6  
1967 Robinett Homer L. (Dcd) US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1967 Turner Pearl David (Dcd) US Army, Spec 4  
1967 Wade Terry (Dcd) US Army National Guard (rank unknown)  
1967 White Joe (Dcd) US Navy, E-6, HM1/PN1
1967 Wilson Danny (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown)  
1967 Young Rick
US Army, E-4
1966 Buckingham Donald
US Navy, E-5 BT
1966 Burns Lionel US Army National Guard, E-4  
1966 Camp Carey US Army, Staff Sgt.
1966 Dallas Billy Joe US Army National Guard, E-4  
1966 Farmer Jonathan US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1966 Fortner Jim US Army National Guard, (rank unknown)  
1966 Foster Steve US Navy, E-5  
1966 Garrett Donald R. (Dcd) US Army, Sp. 4  
1966 Gillett Warren
US Marine Corps, (rank unknown)
1966 Harris Phillip
US Army, Captain
1966 Hooton Vance Army National Guard, (rank unknown)
1966 Humble Jimmy US Army National Guard, Sgt E-5  
1966* Ivy Larry US Army, Sgt E-5  
1966 Jones Ricky Don US Army National, Staff Sergeant  
1966 Kimble Ronnie
US Navy, Petty Ofcr 3rd Class
1966 Kusuno Ted
US Navy, (rank unknown)
1966 Lawson "Lucky"
US Marine Corps, Corporal
1966 Layland Danny (dcd)
US Navy, (rank unknown)
1966 Mahan Terry
US Army, Specialist E-5
1966 Marchbanks Joe (Dcd)
US Navy, AT2
1966 Martin Dan
US Army National Guard, (rank unknown)
1966 Morgan James "Jim" Army National Guard, Colonel
1966 Patman Harley Dan US Navy, Petty Ofcr 3rd Class  
1966 Pope Sonny
US Air Force, Staff Sgt
1966 Sevier Jamie US Army, (rank unknown)  
1966 Shelton Tommy
US Marine Corps, Sergeant
1966 Shields Gary (Dcd) US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1966 Sutton Bruce (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown)  
1966 Taylor Steve
US Air Force, (rank unknown)
1966 Weems Mike
US Navy, HM3
1966 Wilson Johnny US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1966 Wise Mike US Army National Guard, E-5  
1966* Witcher Marvin US Army, Sergeant  
1965 Beach Douglas Glenn (Dcd)
US Army, Specialist E-5
1965 Beal Frank US Army National Guard, E-6  
1965 Beasley Darrell G.
US Marine Corps, Sgt.
1965 Crow Ennis Eugene (KIA) US Army, Spec. 4, E-4 Vietnam Wall
1965 Dupuy Joe US Navy, Corpsman
1965 Elftman Gerald L. (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown)
1965 Giese Billy Dean US Navy, E-5  
1965 Giese Robert Dale US Navy, Lieutenant  
1965 Glass Alfred H. "Butch" (Dcd)
US Air Force, Staff Sgt.
1965 Haggerton Ronald G. "Butch"
US Army, Specialist 4th Class
1965 Hardin (Stack) Peggy J. US Navy, Commander
1965 Henderson Jack US Marine Corps, Lt. Col.
1965 Jones Floyd US Army, E-4  
1965 Kimble Randolph E.
US Army, Special Forces, 1st. Lt.
1965 LeMond Richard Wayne (Dcd) US Navy, E-5  
1965 Manny Norris US Army, SPC-6  
1965 Martin Buster Bob US Marince Corps, Corporal  
1965 Martin Russell US Army National Guard, E-7  
1965 Parker David US Air Force, Sergeant  
1965 Runnels Phillip Harold
US Navy, Lt. O-3
1965 Rea Rodney
US Navy, E-5
1965 * Sipes Billy US Navy, Corpsman (HM3)
1965 Smith Herb US Army National Guard, (rank unknown)  
1965 Smith Tommy US Army, Sergeant  
1965 Thornton Wayne (Dcd) US Navy, E-6  
1965 Vaughn Donald US Army, SPC-4  
1965 Wells Gary (Dcd)
US Navy, E-5
1965 White Marlin Daryl (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown)  
1965 Williams Richard D.
US Navy, E-4
1965 Williford Richard Dale (Dcd) US Navy, E-4  
1965 Young Freddie R.
US Army, Sgt. E-5
1964 Ashlock Gary R. US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1964 Crutchfield Barry US Marine Corps, Captain
1964 Davies Edward Earl (KIA) US Marine Corps, Lance Cpl., E-3 Vietnam Wall
1964 DeVore Danny (Dcd) US Navy, Machinist Mate 2nd Cl
1964 Drennon Lloyd A. (Dcd) US Army, Chief Warrant Officer 4  
1964 Fisher Ronnie US Army, Signal Corp
1964 Guzman Reynaldo (KIA) US Marine Corps, Lance Cpl., E-3 Vietnam Wall
1964 Hamzy Joe (Dcd) US Army National Guard
1964 * Henderson Jim US Navy, Chief Intelligence Specialist
1964 Howard Cecil US Navy, E-9, Master Chief, Seabees
1964 LeMond Jimmy US Army National Guard, E-5  
1964 McCraw Ronald Eugene (KIA) US Army, Sgt., E-5 Vietnam Wall
1964 O'Grady Pat US Air Force, Lt. Colonel
1964 Richardson Eddie US Army, Captain
1964 Stroh John US Army, Specialist 5
1963 Boyd Roger US Army, Texas Army National Guard, Major  
1963 Boyt Hugh Army National Guard, Sergeant
1963 Blackwood Johnny US Navy, E-4  
1963 Bradford Wayne T. US Army, Staff Sergeant, E-6
1963 Caudle Robert US Marine Corps, (rank unknown)  
1963 Greer Ted US Army, Sp-4
1963 Griffin Joe US Army, Sp-4  
1963 Hester Dennis US Air Force, Capt.  
1963 Hobbs Albert US Air Force, SGT & US Army, SGT  
1963 Marshall Mike US Navy, E-5
1963 Morgan John Gregory "Greg" US Air Force, Lt. Col.  
1963 O'Grady Mike US Air Force, Lt. Colonel
1963 Shields Harmon Ray US Air Force, Sergeant
1963 Smith Ray Army National Guard, Staff Sgt., E-6
1962 Callaway LeRoy (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown)  
1962 Harrison Allen Ray Army National Guard, (rank unknown)  
1962 Harrod Donald M. US Navy, Commander
1962 Rickels John A. (KIA) US Army, Sgt., E-5 Vietnam Wall
1962 Stroh George H. US Air Force, Sergeant
1962 Trainor Terry Leo (KIA) US Army, 1st Lt., O-2 Vietnam Wall
1961 Carrell John US Army, Sergeant
1961 Jordan Jim US Army, Sp-5
1961 Landers Sam US Air Force, Colonel
1961 Mahan Doug Army National Guard, E-5  
1961 McMahan Ronald Francis "Ronnie" (Dcd) US Air Force, Sergeant
1961 Owen Mel US Army, Sp-5
1961 Quarles Perry Dwayne (Dcd) US Army, Sp-5
1961 Roye Ronald D. US Army, Sp-4
1961 Williams Ronald H. US Army, E-4
1960 Beal George Watts III US Marine Corps, SSG E-6
1960 Harrison Russell K. US Navy, E-5, Petty Officer 2nd Class  
1960 Moreland Forrest Neil US Army, SSG E-6
1959 Burks Roy Lee Dcd US Air Force, (rank unknown)
1959 Crocker Ron US Army, Sp-4
1959 Graham Jimmie US Air Force, A1C  
1959 Hudson Gary US Air Force, Airman First Class
1959 Stanford Monty C. US Navy, Lieutenant
1958 Bow Alvin Eugene (Dcd) US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1958 Haggerton David A. US Air Force, E-7  
1957 Black Uyless US Navy, Lieutenant
1957 Carter Jerry US Navy, E-6  
1957 Northam Raymond M. "Ray" (Dcd) US Navy (rank unknown)
1957 Peacock Lloyd US Army, E-4  
1956 Tarry Kirby US Navy, (rank unknown)
1954 Blackwood Bobby US Navy, FN (Fireman)  
1953 Bullington L.E. (dcd) US Army (rank unknown)
1949 Etcheverry Johnny US Army, Sgt.
1949 Petersen Franklin Garner "Buddy" (Dcd) US Army, Lt. Col.  
1948 Simmons Thurman (Dcd) US Air Force, (rank unknown)  
1945 Black Odell US Navy, Radio Man 3rd Class  
1945 Yarbro Don Evan US Army, CPL  
1944 King Carl Raymond (Dcd) US Army Air Corps, (rank unknown)  
1943 Byers Joe (Dcd) US Army, (rank unknown) 10th Infantry Div.
1943 Shipp William "Bill" (Dcd) (branch unknown, from H. C. Pannell's book)
1941 Lee Giles Milton US Army Air Corps, Staff Sgt.  
1941 Teas J. Edward (Dcd) (branch unknown, from H. C. Pannell's book)
1940 Carr Edward (Dcd) (branch unknown, from H. C. Pannell's book)
1939 Lee Bruce (Dcd) (branch unknown, from H. C. Pannell's book))
1939 Young Paul (Dcd) (branch unknown, from H. C. Pannell's book)
1938 Nole Jack (Dcd) US Air Force, Colonel FB-111A
1938 Pinson Larry (Dcd) US Army Air Corps, Lt.
1938 Estes Victor W. (Dcd) US Navy (rank unknown)
1936 Hobbs Roy (Dcd) (branch unknown, from H. C. Pannell's book)
1935 Byers Ellis (Dcd) (branch unknown, from H. C. Pannell's book)
1935 Creighton James (Dcd) U S Army, (rank unknown)
1933 Coleman George Thomas (Dcd) U S Army, Lt. Col.
1932 Lusk Virgil (Dcd) (branch unknown, from H. C. Pannell's book)
1927 Houston George Hall (Dcd) (branch unknown, from H. C. Pannell's book)
19?? Henry Nicolas C. US Navy, Seaman 3rd Class  
Faculty Blackard O. G. US Army, PFC
Faculty Faith Josh US Army National Guard, SPC  
Faculty Harrison Russel K. US Army, (rank unknown)  
Faculty Howell Howard "Chub" (Dcd) US Marine Corps, (rank unknown)  
Faculty Jennison Morris US Army Air Corps, Captain  
Faculty Painter Jerry (Dcd) US Navy, (rank unknown)  
1995 Wilson Ray Firefighter, Iraq Theater  








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